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In July, 2015, after nearly 15 years of incubation, Science for Monks was registered as a 501(c)3 California non-profit public charity. We created this non-profit entity to get more people involed, to grow a network of support that can sustain the monastics enduring engagement with science, pilot new programs, and continue to share the unique insights the monastics bring to science.

Science for Monks has received substantial financial support and mentorship from the Sager Family Foundation, and the John Templeton Foundation. This funding enables the core activities of our program, as found on this website.

Donations of any size can be made to the program. With less than 3% overhead, donations will fund activities at the science centers that further their engagement with science. Through mini-grants awarded to the emerging science centers, donations advance the community's capacity to drive their own explorations at the frontiers of Buddhism and science.

We invite interested donors to make a personal connection to the program, to contact us to learn more about what we do, and how your potential investment can make the biggest difference possible for the Tibetan monks and nuns in India.

Contact: Bryce Johnson, for more details.


Volunteers have played an important part in growing the Science for Monks program. Our volunteers have edited books, built webpages, writen aritcles, advanced our social media, and even helped us implement our programs in India. Although we do not have regular, or many, volunteer opportunities, we encourage interested individuals to contact us. If you have any special skills that you think might be of benefit to the program, please let us know.

Contact: for more details.

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